JasmindaWhat's your top tip for other student parents?

Be organised! Juggling being a parent and a student is hard work, but it helps when you can plan your week in advance and stick to it.

Why did you choose to go to university?

To work in a career I had always wanted for myself. The prospect of earning a good salary.

What are the best bits of university life?

Meeting new people and the self-satisfaction of knowing that I am on the way to a better and brighter future for myself and my son.

What have been the biggest challenges?

The stress of having assignment due dates. Tiredness and having to prioritise uni work over everything else (i.e. friends and family)

How do you cope with money?

Living on a student loan when you have a dependant is tough. I have had to ask my family to help support me financially as there doesn't seem to be much financial help out there available for single parents who are students. I have found it helpful to stick to a very strict budget in order to save money.

What do you wish you had known before you started?

It would have been helpful to have had estimates of the overall household budget (eg. government benefits)

How do you juggle your responsibilities?

I try to make quality time for my son & myself even though there is often a hefty workload from uni. Realistically, if you have children and you are studying full time they have to take a back seat, which is challenging, but my advice would be to enjoy and make the most of the quality time you do have with them.

Where will you be in 10 years time?

A qualified social work practitioner.

What are your top money management tips?

Try the reduced aisles at the supermarket. Join an online money-saving tips website as there is often some good advice on there. Budget your student loan carefully! I use a budget planner on my laptop so that I know exactly what is incoming/outgoing.

Social Work
Year of study:
with 8-year-old son